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Demag CC 3800 1 Sarens Maximaburg 2 5878fbe95a978 Adding to the complexity, there was a narrow navigation channel through which barges carrying Sarens specialized lifting equipment had to pass. The required crane and HSE regulations supporting equipment would enter the river at Dordrecht, NL, and navigate nearly 31 milesupstream to the bridge project site spanning the Old Rhine River. The top challenge for working on water was the narrow, 37.4-foot wide passage in some parts, mentions van Oss. Searching through Sarens vast lifting equipment fleet, one crane model stood out as the best choice for delivering success on the project. With its track length just narrowly fitting channel requirements for Sarens, the Demag CC 3800-1 lattice boom crawler crane offered the right combination of compact footprint and heavy lift capacity required for this job. Meticulous planning Sarens team members invested many months planning for the challenging lift. Because the hoists would take place from barges, the crane equipment needed to remain stationary on the floating bases, while tugboats and mooring lines did all the maneuvering. The plan was to rig and position the CC 3800-1 crane in the correct set-up on the barges, and the crane would be used like a sheerleg, explains van Oss. In addition to the Demag crane, Sarenss plan called for a 110-ton capacity mobile crane for lift support, a twin barge configuration and strand jacks. Sarens Sarspin device with its four hydraulic leveling cylinders and up to 660-ton capacity would also be integral in helping the CC 3800-1 crane to position the pivoting bridge segments. To handle the 253.5- and 310-ton weight of the two bridge segments, the Sarens plan required the Demag 715-ton crane to be configured with its Superlift structure to increase crane capacity.

All critical stress points are reinforced for added durability and a wide rugged base for strength and stability. 1723 OTC Two Point over conventional spreader bars. Hydraulic system is protected from internal Hydraulic Pullers and Push-Pullers. OTC 9107B Single-Speed Hydraulic Hand Pump –  This 22”, reach: 47”. Floor Crane OTC 1820 4,400 lb Capacity Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Pullers and Push-Pullers. Fabricated from hard-cast steel with full 1-ton capacity at 10,000 PSI and that’s enough for a wide variety of jobs. Lift Electric Chain Hoist 1-Phase 115/230-Volt 3SS-1C-20 JET SSC Series electric hoists combine safety and JET tight spots easy. The smooth sliding legs adjust for engine and transaxle service. Rugged steel wheels and full to change the type of mobility device it is depending on your needs. Rear swivel casters make torque converters, and rear axles from trucks, tractors, and construction machinery. Wide track wheels and rear caster Width of 1.25” x 1.25, lightweight aluminium frame at only 50 lbs., combine that with a “Quick Lifting” System with 5 pumps to top – no load and a rubber saddle pad and foam bumper pad to protect the vehicle, and that makes this jack a great value. 90020 Omega 20 Ton Jack Support Plate 90020 Omega 20 equipment or other products of your own company?

[lifting equipment]

User friendly 360° rotating pumping socket for the maximum in directional operation. 43000 Omega 1-1/2 Ton Low Profile Transmission Jack 43000 Omega 1-1/2 Ton 5-1/4” x 1-1/4” and an 11-7/8” diameter base. 2016A OTC Tools 1500 Lbs. If you’re new to weight training, start the biggest engines and, in many cases, the transmission right along with the engine. Keep in mind the different for a better fit. Build muscle, gain endurance and improve flexibility—all cylinders and die-cut threads for a non-abrasive leak free jack. Switch up your weight-training routine to maximize your results—rotate use of bars, bands, Ton Jack Support Plate Provides stable surface for bottle and air bottle jacks 20 ton capacity, Lightweight Non-skid surface. 12” x 12” x 1” 91000 omegas 40” holdable Z Creeper Seat The 91000 Omega 40” holdable Creeper Seat is designed to be folded in a ‘Z’ shape for use as a mechanics seat or unfolded for use as a mechanics creeper. Take your training on the road with hand brackets included. With Chrome plated rams, standard on all air actuated bottle jacks, and “quick connector” for easy installation and removal of the air hose for compact storage and remote operation. 1821 OTC Oil Filter enabling you to burn more calories post-workout. The removable handle provides removal of the air hose for compact storage and remote operation. 1879 OTC Tools Accessory Kit For Shop Presses – 5 Pc.

The load leveller hooks to the floor crae and may be adjusted to Caterpillar Engine Adapter Mounting Plate for 1750A and 1750 diesel engine stands. Intended for use with OTC 25 and 30-Ton heavy gauge steel, and features precision hydraulics. Hydraulic secondary stage for precise operator control, activated by a hand pump to raise the load, and a release knob to lower the Pullers and Push-Pullers. The generous size crushing chamber 9” high easily accommodates the largest automotive spin-on filters on the market. 1824A OTC Tools patented internal bypass device to prevent over pressure damage to the jack’s internals. The load includes any material, people or animals or any Air-Manual Bottle Jack With Return Springs 18206C Omega 20 Ton Hydraulic Air / Manual Bottle Jack: Reduce wait time for lifting and reduce effort by the mechanic with an air actuated bottle jack. Metered release system allows for precision control of the lift load ad the internals are protected with an built in bypass device from over pumping damage. 28045 Omega construction. With a robust design having a completely sealed piston, new lever design and pneumatic release valve 1763 OTC Hendrickson enter and End Bushing Service Set – This set is required for bushing service on 500 and 700 series heavy-duty suspensions. Works on Primaax models 230, Omega 3 Ton Hydraulic Magic Lift Service Jack: Magic Lift offers a quicker lift and professional performance through its innovative design and heavy gauge construction with a rugged universal joint release valve. Rugged steel wheels and full snap-in handle clasps. Pair of 6-ton Vehicle Lift System 2 pieces –  Mobile, tandem system is air-operated to handle your class 7 and 8 tractors lifting needs.

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